About Us

KastCraft is a Minecraft community dedicated to helping players have an enjoyable gameplay experience in a safe, friendly environment. Our server creates a platform for players to unleash their inner creativity and enjoy themselves, without the harmful and toxic practices often found on other servers.

Because of this, all of our store packages are fair and reasonable. Many other servers sell extremely expensive perks or items that encourage gambling in order to milk as much money as possible out of their players. Here at KastCraft, we are completely against this mindset, and thus, we do not sell any form of virtual gambling "crates" or anything similar. You know exactly what you are purchasing at all times.

All of the perks from our donor ranks can be obtained in-game, absolutely free of charge with our unique token system. Simply earn tokens while playing on the server and use them to purchase perks of your choosing.

Our Store

In our store, you can find a range of different in-game perks and items. You can purchase cosmetics to improve your character's appearance, ranks to give you access to exclusive gameplay mechanics, and various other packages. We also often do charity drives in which we sell an item on the store and all of the proceeds to go to a specific charity.

Your support helps us to keep this outstanding community up and running, and we thank you for checking out our store!